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Izaya papercraft by ryoukamui Izaya papercraft by ryoukamui
Izaya papercraft
katya445289 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
may i get an instructions please? :3
ryoukamui Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
first like all paper crafts cut out all the pieces. two legs two arms a body and head and hair. extra pieces of hair horns wing or tails. females paper crafts may have a slender body and dress. one you have then cut fold all the white tabs down. Now you need to fold the paper crafts into shape. most pieces have for flaps and a square shape in the middle. which the taps are on each side... you will fold those down next. The extra long part of the head should be folded where the chin is. the body have and extra part that should fold over the top to make a full box. the arms have different size panels... you can tell by tab and size differences. this should give you a nice outline of how to fold the arm. the little square tab on the end of the had should be folded where in connects to the piece. the leg works the same as the arms. the hair is much like the head only it is open at the bottom so it can be placed in the head when finishing the building. now if there are pieces that do not have to do with any that i mentioned leave those a lone for right now. before we glue all you will need to use white glue and a tooth pick. now with folding every thing in to shape you should find that most white tabs have a place to be glued down. you will have to to one at a time... you should apply the glue to each tab with the tooth pick to keep the project for getting to messy. so the folds and tabs should be easy to figure out how to glue and such. it should not be too hard to build, you should attach the hair to the head first. now the extra pieces if there are two pieces that look much alike you will glue them together, color sides should be o the out side... usually the hair in the back which you attach when dry. there may be a front part to the hair you should add as well. horns will be in a pyramid like shape and glue them where you find appropriate .. then ad head to the body, arms and legs should be added at the end... to make them stand you will need to either add weights or a platform for your papercrafts... glue them to the feet of your papercraft if you wish for them to stand .
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October 12, 2012
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